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Griffin animation academy

Griffin Animation Studios is a spin-off from our successful Animation Finishing school, Griffin Animation Academy.

Our studio is built upon the same high-quality standards, methodologies and core principles that have made our academy achieve such successful work.

Consistent epic work is not an accident, it takes many things working in harmony and is often a delicate balance between art and technology. Griffin Animation Studios was founded by master animator, Eddie Chew and Executive Producer Markella Markella. Together they have merged left and right brain strengths and handpicked the world’s best talent to add to the harmony and happy disruption that is Griffin Animation Studios.

We know that with the right tools, workflow, resources and people we are positioned to deliver exceptional animation. Setting our people up for success and ongoing learning means not just amazing quality work for our clients, but an evolving team who are poised for mastery.

We believe in our people and believe it’s time to ruffle a few feathers in the animation space; we’re doing this by offering unique team setups around the globe, fostering and providing ongoing animation and industry education, setting individual learning and animation benchmarks and bringing story to the forefront of everything we do.

We are storytellers and animation is our tool.

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